About US

Welcome to Ballast Bay Outfitters. We are purveyors of fine outdoor sports wear and equipment for the discerning waterman. We are excited to be the first true outfitter to offer the island of St. Christopher battle tested gear and rugged equipment. We plan to offer comfortable, durable, classic outdoor clothing along with a fine array of custom cutlery that has its roots in salt water. After living and breathing everything ocean for the past 25 years we are bringing products that we feel are the essence of the salty spirit in each of us. These products have been used by ourselves and our traveling companions for many years. Some are new products like our tough and user friendly inflatable SUP’s. Others are stalwarts like our Costa sunglasses and dependable Leatherman knives. And then there are those comfortable classics like our Olukai sandals and our baby skin soft bamboo long sleeve shirts begging you to slip them over your salty and sun kissed skin at the end of a long day on the open water. That’s if you didn’t slather on our reef and coral safe SPF and skin care products before hand.

We have been part of the St. Kitts waterscape for over 10 years now. 5 of those years we have run a successful Stand Up Paddle Board business that is #1 in Google search and a top Trip Advisor rated company. We are proud to expand that knowledge and experience to a retail space. We deeply care about St. Kitts and have a passion for our environment. We are planning on making Ballast Bay Outfitters a 1% for the Planet business. This a financial commitment that we are excited to make towards making our planet a better place for our children.

Our background is one of heritage in the great outdoors. We were raised by parents who sent us outdoors every morning each summer with a lunch in a bag along with a sense of adventure. We came home muddy, wet and spent with big smiles on our faces when we heard the dinner bell ring. We learned to forage, fish, build forts, dig clams and build clay pots. We graduated to using knives, shooting bows, surfing and learning a new respect for everything wild. We learned that knowing what happens in and around our wild environment was just important as a best friend to share it with. We are now taking over 100 years of combined outdoor knowledge and cramming it into 500 SQFT of retail space that we call Ballast Bay Outfitters.

We bring to you a store that feels more like a tricked out coastal garage than a sporting goods store. Imagine walking into a shop where organic colors, warm drift wood and dusty rays of light filter into a space filled with all kinds of gear that is essential to the watermen inside us all. The store will have a relaxed feel where guests can browse our classic, time tested products in a casual atmosphere with light reggae music playing in the background. The smell of the store will be a combination of sea air coming in off the marina mixed with the joyful smell of surf wax. And you can feel secure knowing that if you have a question about our products it is likely that the person behind the counter has paddled it, snorkeled in it, cut with it, wore it or kept their fresh catch of the day in it. It’s a place that you come in to just see but leave with everything for the sea.

Our goal is to provide you with everything you will need for your next adventure and a few things you never thought you needed but now you can’t live without. We have spent the past few years developing our own line of Inflatable Stand Up Paddle boards. These boards have been put to the test in every condition possible. We have dropped them from 4 story buildings, ran them over with trucks and generally put them through the paces. We have flown them to the islands where they saw everything from bathtub calm, gin clear waters to throwing overhead waves. This will be one of our custom products that we bring to Ballast Bay Outfitters. These boards are completely packable and would be a perfect addition to any sea faring vessel. Whatever port you arrive in you can now show up and blow up! We feel this passionate about every piece of equipment and item of clothing that we will be carrying. We feel confident that each customer that walks through our doors will leave with a smile on their face and something useful in their hands. This is our pledge to our customers.


Dr. Nicholas Spaccarelli
Ballast Bay Outfitters