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We are purveyors of fine outdoor sports wear and equipment for the discerning water-man and are excited to be the first true outfitter to offer the island of St. Kitts. Our background is one of heritage in the great outdoors. We were raised by parents who sent us outdoors every morning each summer with a lunch in a bag along with a sense of adventure. We came home muddy, wet and spent with big smiles on our faces when we heard the dinner bell ring. We learned to forage, fish, build forts, dig clams and build clay pots. We graduated to using knives, shooting bows, surfing and learning a new respect for everything wild. We learned that knowing what happens in and around our wild environment was just important as a best friend to share it with. That is why after after more then 10 years of being a part of the St. Kitts waterscape we decided to share our knowledge with locals an visitors alike by opening our store in the Christophe Harbour Marina Village. We care deeply about St. Kitts and have a passion for our environment so we  are working on making Ballast Bay Outfitters a 1% for the Planet business. This a financial commitment that we are excited to make towards making our planet a better place for our children.


We live and breath everything ocean and hope that we can encourage you to do the same by bringing products that we feel are the essence of the salty spirit in each of us. These products have been used by ourselves and our traveling companions for many years. 

We feel confident that each customer that walks through our doors will leave with a smile on their face and something useful in their hands. This is our pledge to our customers.


Dr. Nicholas Spaccarelli


Ballast Bay Outfitters

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